Endeavering to create a comforting, uplifting moment of joy in another person's day is a most noble and fulfilling pursuit. We are looking for a friendly, upbeat, and super organized person with a passion for hospitality to hit our customer service experience right out of the park.

Responsible for checking in on customers, resolving issues and complaints and training and assisting other staff members in meeting our customer service standards, the Cafe Assistant Manager is also responsible for managing retail and backstock inventories, working the till and brew bar, opening and closing the shop and assisting in daily cafe activities.

Candidates should be positive, fun and outgoing, confidant, laugh easily, love checklists and clipboards, be passionate about good coffee, good food and the experience around them, be able to work harmoniously as a team in a high intensity environment and have super powers. (Just kidding about the last one, but actually that would be pretty great).

This is a full time, year-round position, requires hospitality experience and a year long commitment.

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Fast paced, refined, sensory -- an art and a science in equal measure -- the craft of the barista is one that never stops suprising.

We are on the look out for a coffee obsessed individual to head up our coffee department. This person should have at least 2 years of specialty coffee experience and be proficient in both filter coffee and espresso. Consistent milk steaming and latte art are non-negotiables. Candidates should be able to work quickly and efficiently in a high volume environment and have fun while doing so. You should be positive, fun and upbeat, be passionate to a fault about coffee, love a good challenge and be able to work as a supportive, harmonious member of a team.

Responsibilities include brew bar and espresso dial ins, creating daily task lists, working espresso and brew bar position shifts, developing drink specials, training and monitoring other staff, managing cafe inventories and opening and closing the shop.

Equipment (because if you are the right person for this job, you are dying to know):

-- Slayer Steam
-- Mahlkonig k30 air Espresso Grinder
-- Curtis Seraphim Brewer using Kalita Wave
-- Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder
-- Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer

Volume ranges from 30 lbs espresso per week up to 60 lbs espresso per week during peak season.

This is a full time, year-round position and requires a 1 year commitment.

Interested? Email Danielle at


We have 2 positions open this summer for assisting in the cafe. Applicants should be upbeat and cheerful, hardworking and be able to work May/ June through August. Weekends are a must and the applicant must be available 4th of July week and throughout Sidewalk Sales.

The Cashier position would be suitable for a smiley, outgoing person with a penchant for detail who is great at multitasking and loves meeting new people. Some hospitality experience would be a bonus. This position involves greeting and assisting customers with the menu, accurately writing order tickets and entering items into the register, dishing up and delivering pastries as well as checking in on customers throughout their time in the cafe. Extensive customer service training and product knowledge training are included and this person is expected to be able to answer questions on all pastries and menu items as well as deliver top notch customer experience.

The runner position assists all stations throughout the cafe during busy times, helping to plate and deliver pastries, deliver drink orders, complete prep and cleaning tasks, bus tables and wash and dry dishes. This position requires no prior experience -- just a passion for learning, an upbeat can-do attitude and an eye for detail. This should be a highly self-motivated individual who doesn't mind pushing up their sleeves and working hard. This is a great position for someone looking to learn a lot about the coffee industry and gain an up-close insight into the inner-workings of a cafe. Extensive coffee and customer service training are provided for this position so that you will walk away at the end of the summer with a good deal of knowledge under your belt.

Please send inquiries to Danielle at Please indicate which position(s) you are interested in and why.